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Residential Maintenance

Piranha Construction Residential Maintenance & Repair's craftsmen can do a multitude of things from fixing nagging repairs that seem to pop up out of nowhere to performing regular maintenance. This routine maintenance carried out in a timely manner can stave off more expensive fixes that only get worse with time.

Our most popular services


  • interior painting services 
  • drywall installation & repair
  • plumbing services 
  • electrical services
  • HVAC
  • flooring 
  • window & door replacement
  • carpentry 


  • exterior painting services 
  • pressure cleaning & softwash
  • stucco repair
  • irrigation
  • landscape lighting
  • screen enclosure repair & refurbishment
  • deck installation & repair
  • paver sealing

And Much More!

Ask us about our convenient monthly maintenance plans!

Smart home owners understand that proper maintenance is critical to keeping a house's value high and fully functioning. That's why Piranha Construction offers a monthly maintenance plan, a collection of about 50 services per-scheduled throughout the year to keep your home in tip-top shape. Our specialists visit your property every month to perform seasonal tasks such as pressure cleaning and painting as well as important annual services like checking that all the fire prevention components are charged and operational.

The process begins with a free residential maintenance assessment with one of Piranha Construction's experienced pros. This allows for us to understand your priorities for maintenance, as well as learning about any separate repair needs that might have accumulated around your place. We'll also look at the services that aren't necessary for every residence. After the walk through, we'll send you a detailed proposal within a few days giving a quick rundown of the monthly price as well as a schedule of the services included. This is an opportunity to customize your plan, adding or subtracting services as you like so that you're only paying for what you need to keep your home in great condition.

Once you finalize the service schedule, we present a straightforward contract outlining what we'll be doing and the agreed upon price. The contract can be cancelled at any time- no strings attached. After signing the contract, we'll decide on a standard day of the month your services will be performed. From there all your work is done! Just relax and enjoy the peace of mind that you're doing a great job taking care of your residence.

Your service plan is based on square footage*

1000-2000 sq ft space:


2001-3000 sq ft space:


3001-4000 sq ft space:


4001-5000 sq ft space:


5001-6000 sq ft space:


6001-7000 sq ft space:


7001-8000 sq ft space:



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