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New construction

New construction

The process of new construction typically begins with the design and planning phase, in which architects and engineers work together to create a detailed plan for the building. Once the plans have been approved, the building site is prepared, and the foundation is laid. From there, the various components of the building are constructed, including the framing, electrical and plumbing systems, and finishes. The process of new construction is often a complex and time-consuming process that requires a team of professionals including architects, contractors, and tradespeople to complete.

New construction

New construction can be difficult to accomplish and requires an experienced contractor who understands the science behind the interrelated trades (electrical, plumbing, mechanical and structural).

After the project has been designed by an architect the contractor is then responsible for the implementation of that design through the proper selection of materials, means and methods to construct the building in accordance with the design. Through all of this Piranha Construction is there to guide you through the process keeping you informed and managing expectations

Our top priority is to listen to concerns and provide solutions quickly and efficiently, be respectful and maintain a clean, organized and safe work site. We follow the rules and standards of the Florida Building Code or the local building code, which ever is stricter. From implementing the permit process to making sure the design, construction and workmanship conforms to the code, we go above and beyond the minimal standards of the particular code, while at the same time, not overbuilding causing unnecessary expense to our clients.

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